RELIQUIA Zodiac Pendant


With a fine gold chain and embossed zodiac sign pendant, this astronomical necklace is an update on our quintessential style.
18K Gold Filled. 18 inch chain.

  • Taurus:  Hearty, faithful and grounded.
  • Virgo:  Tender, realistic and trustworthy.
  • Scorpio:  Passionate, resourceful and deep. 
  • Sagittarius:  Curios, optimistic and benevolent. 
  • Pisces:  Loving, compassionate and sage.
  • Libra:  Gracious, understanding and fair. 
  • Leo:  Fiery, confident and expressive. 
  • Gemini:  Adaptable, inquisitive and understanding.
  • Capricorn:  Independent, responsible and determined. 
  • Cancer:  Gentle, protective and intuitive.
  • Aries:  Enthusiastic, lively and ever-evolving.
  • Aquarius:  Deep, imaginative and authentic.